To a new beginning…with a wacky mahjong all nighter

18 12 2009

Just came back from playing mahjong in the west with yonghwa and his frens….

It was the first time i played a full 6 rnds of mahjong straight…from about 9pm x’mas eve) to 10.30am…it was full exact for the fact that I lost 40 bucks…boohoo… But well…yh was nice enough to waive it off as my cab fare back to the east….Its kinda weird that now yh’s frens already know me as his girlfriend as I’m still totally clueless as to where our r/s stands now…

Pretty much more than frens but yet not officially together as a couple yet…

Anyway we’ve already had a pact that I’m gonna stay single till at least April 2010 to fully get over my last r/s and to enjoy my singlehood at the same time..whee~!

Have to admit that I’m really beginning to get used to not being attached anymore…I do still feel sad and dream of ‘him’ often…but i have ppl arnd me to brainwash me n tell me that its better that things have ended this way…

Anyway…time to dwell on the more positive things….yesterday…i suggested to yh that we play a 30min gift xchange challenge at tampines….we were to look for a present for the other within the budget of 15-20 bucks…

It was harder than I had imagined…in the end…both of us overshot both the time and the budget… least both of us liked our pressies…

I got yh a turquoise polo tee….while i got  a butterfly necklace in return… =)

‘Jiu de bu qu…Xin de bu lai’ guess its time to replace the swaroski necklace i got from ‘him’




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