The first challenge…

11 01 2010

Today marks the beginining of my 2nd wk at UIC….my first peak job…

I was pretty apprehensive about gg into the job although i love my old UIC teammates….Well….needless to say…its all bcos he’s in the UIC job tis yr as well…wat a way to really slam me right in the face..

n guess wat…he’s attached already…n even announcing about making a trip to japan tis year…. how ironic things have turned out…we’ve previously booked out a wk of leave in march to travel to japan together… i can’t help bt think tat i’ve been replaced in a gist but his other half ….i noe that he’s ego has always been big…but does he really have to show me that he’s moved on within 1-2mths of our breakup….n even proceeding on to another r/s?

maybe its my ego that’s hurting me now…but yea apparently he’s been a well known bua-ya….(according to J) if only word had spread to me earlier onz…

ppl say that I shld b glad tt im finally outta it…guess i shld think likewise n truely move on once n for all…afterall there r others tt are genuinely nice to me…

Oh yea….panda travelled all the way from eunos..from his first day on IA at ST aerospace though he had only 5hrs of slp yest…touched~ he came all the way for js a 1hr dinner with me =)

finally someone tt appreciates me….




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